An Efficient Video clip Advertising Technique Need to Include …

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Efficient video marketing methods need to include……

Video clip presentations are necessary to obtain right. Your purpose needs to be to keep your viewers watching your video rather than clicking away part way via. Whilst there will constantly be people which don’t watch the entire video clip, you’ll have the ability to distinguish your statistics just how long folks watch for as well as could modify yo…

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How to SEO a Blog Post in 7 Steps

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How to SEO a Blog Post

When writing a blog post, there are several seo factors involved which the search engines look for when they crawl your blog post.
In this search engine optimization starter guide I am going to share with you 7 steps to seo your blog post.
The below 7 tips will help your post to achieve a high ranking in Google and other major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

1. Research your keywords

Blog Post Image by  Ed Yourdon  via Flickr The first step is to find the right keywords that customers use to find you. For example, if you own a restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, then  boulder colorado restaurants  will be an important keyword phrase for you. Or if you offer a certification course for wine professionals in New York City, then you will choose as your main keyword phrase something like  sommelier course new york . Credits: 10 Steps a Local Business Can Take Today to Improve Search Rankings

2.  Choose Appropriate Content

Remember the mission of your brand / company / business. If you manage a bakery’s website, for example, avoid writing about heavy military artillery use and philosophizing about Kant. Stick to what you know. I was looking for something about cakes shaped like the Millennium Falcon, if your bakery is suddenly giving me advice on tuning my monster truck, I’m out. With appropriate content, you’ll retain readers, increase visits, and, overtime, become an authority on your speciality. The every-now-and-again mixed bag posts are okay, but stay focused.  Credits: How to Write Blog Posts That are SEO Friendly – SEO Inc Blog

3.  Blog Post Title

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 2.13.29 PM Search engines look at your post title and its URL for keywords.  Your Permalink is generated either by what is written in the Title bar so choose your words wisely.   “SEO In Your Blog” may work better in a search than “Get Seen By A Lot Of People”. Credits: Typepad 101: Making SEO Work For Your Blog – Everything Typepad

4.  Optimise your images

Did you realise that search engines cannot see the pictures in your post? Because they are not comprised of words, images are therefore invisible to spiders. So you need to t some words behind the pictures for the search engines to read, and this is done via the alternative (alt) tags. Credits: 7 Simple Ways to Optimise a Blog Post for the Search Engines – Business 2 Community (blog)

5.  It’s Not Mobile-Optimized

Image by  Johan Larsson  via Flickr How many times have you  visited a website from your smartphone , only to be greeted with tiny images and copy and no real way to find what you’re looking for? This is an all-too-common experience for small business website visitors. Today, mobile users expect a simplified, easy-to-navigate version of a business’ website with all the company’s contact information front and center. And as  mobile usage only grows , so will this expectation from on-the-go consumers. Credits: 5 Common Website Mistakes That Can Kill Your SEO (And Tips to Update It!) – Business 2 Community

6.  Focus on the Long Tail Keywords

During the first few phases of an SEO campaign the focus is usually on the major keywords and phrases. These will be linked to the most important pages on the website. It’s usually the rankings of these key pages that plateau first. When this happens, the best approach is to cast your net wider. This means focusing your efforts on the long tail. Credits: Going Beyond Basic SEO Techniques: 3 Overlooked Traffic Growth Opportunities – Search Engine Watch

7.  Social Media

Social Media Image by  afagen  via Flickr While you don’t necessarily need to fully invest yourself in all of these platforms, it’s a good idea to at least set up profiles on not just Google+ but Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, and Instagram. As mentioned in the first section, communities can be a powerful way to drive business, and can even be the main draw when it comes to linkbait. For this reason, it’s worth investing yourself wholeheartedly in one of these social media platforms as a way to create that sense of community. When it comes to social networks, visual updates are always best. Pure text updates are usually a waste of time. The type of updates that tend to get shared and talked about on social networks is also usually funny, inspiring, cute, practically useful, and “mind-blowing,” but more important than anything else, it is interactive. The goal is to get a conversation going Credits: How to do SEO for Local Business, WITHOUT Content Marketing – Search Engine Watch For many people who aren’t involved in  Search Engine Optimisation  (SEO) on a regular basis, it’s easy (or so they think). You simply create a blog, write some content, and then get links from as many sources as you can. Perhaps that works. Sometimes. More often than not, the craft of  SEO  is truly a unique practice. It’s is often misunderstood and can be painfully difficult to staff for.

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SEO Roundup – 21 Nov 13

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Some of the top Internet Marketing and SEO Related Stories from around the Globe

SEO Search Engine Consultants – Our final aim is to bring you more clients and increased revenue

Modern SEO Marketing: The “Must-Not-Do” list Business 2 Community

It’s as if B2B marketers were bewitched by the supposed promise and potential of SEO that they tend to believe in it unwaveringly despite the challenges or rapid


It’s as if B2B marketers were bewitched by the supposed promise and  potential of SEO  that they tend to believe in it unwaveringly despite the challenges or rapid changes in trends and algorithms. They’ve been doing it for a long time, yet, the same mistakes are repeated endlessly, most of which are not even hard to detect and repair.

SEOThese issues must be given proper attention, as they would cripple the very foundation of SEO, eventually affecting the lead generation hopes of a business, not to mention its reputation amongst other online marketers.

These are 6 erroneous habits every SEO marketer must avoid:

Duplicate content – In SEO, when you have two similar content pieces appearing in more than one webpage or URL within a website, you have duplicate content. For example, your business homepage may be reached through the URL or The problem is that Google will not be able to decide which content to index, so eventually this web page will not appear in search results. This also happens to other pages of a website, and to resolve this, marketers need to consolidate similar pages, delete redundant content, or redirect the duplicate ones to the original page.

Not optimizing tags  – We see a lot of sites tagging their titles with generic words like “home” or “default” or their brand names. Marketers tend to forget that title tags are important SEO elements that should be part of on-page optimization. It helps in attaining good ranking on Google, and it also lets other people see the tags in the SERP whenever they see the results


How Social Media is Changing Business — And Your Job Search Mashable

When you start thinking about how much social media has changed the way that businesses operate in the past few years, you can’t help but wonder how much

A decade ago, businesses didn’t have company Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts or Instagram feeds.

In fact, Facebook didn’t exist.

When you start thinking about how much social media has changed the way that businesses operate in the past few years, you can’t help but wonder how much more — and how — it will change in the coming decade.

According to Sandy Carter, General Manager of IBM Ecosystems and Social Business Evangelist at IBM, there are a lot of exciting changes to come. As an author, speaker and expert in social business, Carter not only makes sure her company stays on top of the latest technology trends and how they can be incorporated into the workforce, but makes sure other companies recognize that potential, as well.

To learn more, we chatted with Carter about what exactly a “social business” is, why it’s beneficial, and how companies can start to adopt that kind of forward-thinking strategy in their business and hiring practices.

What is a “social business,” and why is it so effective?

Over the past two decades, the Internet has disrupted the way companies operate in a huge way — it’s almost unimaginable to think how we got anything done without it. Now, we’re seeing that same transformation in the social realm — businesses are moving beyond having just a Facebook page or Twitter account, and they’re incorporating social functions into everyday business processes and decisions, from sales and marketing to HR and product development.

It’s really a shift in the way we work, communicate, collaborate and share expertise with each other. Social businesses use social tools to listen to customers, spur innovation, identify new market opportunities and create a smarter, more effective workforce


Link-AssistantCom Pre-Announces the Launch of Black Friday … IT Business Net

The market of special offers related to Internet marketing will open its doors on November, 25. To join the marketplace, online vendors need to: submit their Black

Link-Assistant.Com, SEO and SMM software house and the company behind SEO PowerSuite (all-embracing SEO solution) and BuzzBundle (advanced SMM app) announced the opening date of Black Friday Shopping Place. The market of special offers related to Internet marketing will open its doors on November, 25.

To join the marketplace, online vendors need to:

  • submit their Black Friday deals into a special form;
  • provide the URL of the page where the shoppers will be able to get a discounted product or service;
  • upload an image of a special deal (the option gets unlocked after the submission page is shared in social networks);
  • wait till their ads pass moderation..

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Be Seen as the Expert. Host A Seminar or Workshop !

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Host A Workshop, Seminar or a  Live Training Session!

Thinking of hosting your very own workshop or seminar?  No matter if you imagine hosting a workshop or a live seminar for prospective new clients for the weekend, customers for a couple of hours, or associates over a breakfast style workshop, lets make sure that this year is the year you recognize that dream! Planning and holding a workshop, seminar or a  live training session is not nearly as difficult as you first might expect. In this article I am going to share with you the five tricks to a perfect Workshop or a  Live Session.

Select a format

You do not need to hold the workshop, seminar or a  live training session in person. You can conduct it virtually — over the telephone (teleconference) or Web (webinar). You might decide on using guest speakers or have a live discussion.

Workshop Besides choosing whether your workshop will be in-person or virtual, you should also identify the length of the event.  Will it be just for a few hours, all-day or held over several days.  What will you cover, and how you’ll present it? Will you host invited speakers? Will it be just Question and Answers? Or will it be a live training seminar or workshop?

Run with your intuition on these major choices. Go with what feels right for you.  You should decide early in the preparation stage exactly what format will best suite your selected audience and topic? How can you best deliver the information?

Choosing who is going to conduct the workshop, seminar or the live training session

Will you promote the occasion?  Will you throw it open to a few selected customers? Offer it to a targeted and demographically selected list of customers or clients?

It could seem weird to pick your audience prior to selecting the topic of discussion, however by selecting your optimal audience initially; you’ll be able to hone into what your audiences’ interests and pain points are.

During this phase, you should decide on the number of participants that you will be comfortable hosting. Are you visualizing a small group of less than 20 people? Or do you see yourself talking to a larger group perhaps in the hundreds?

Are you going to cover the whole event by yourself or will you have invited guest speakers?

Decide on the theme of your workshop, seminar or a  live training session

By this stage you should have decided on the subject/s that you are going to cover.   Will you be personally talking about your expertise?   Exactly what portion of your expertise will you assign the time to?

This decision has a lot to do with your goals.  Are you looking at turning potential prospects to customers? Dazzle your existing customers? Develop relationships with associates?

Undoubtedly, you will want the event to be centred on those to whom you are going to address.  Each specific type of audience will have different issues and interests.

Having the right support staff

There is a lot of preparation involved with organising a workshop, seminar or training. You are going to need to select the best suited venue (or technical support, if you are going to be conducting it via the web) to hold your event.  You’ll need to find suitable accommodation for guest speakers if any, arrange discounted rates if possible, and perhaps organise activities when they are not speaking.

You will want to make that your guests speakers are really appreciated. You should also organise filming and having it transcribed so that you can sell it at a later date or give away to all participants.

In short, you need a group of staff members who are going to share your vision for your event. You will need an assistant or someone to deal with all the minor details while you’re proceeding at full steam, looking at the big picture.

You can quickly delegate virtual all of these details to a virtual assistant or selected staff members who’ll work quietly in the background to guarantee everything goes off without so much as a hitch.

Getting feedback. Wash, rinse and do it again

You are going to feel head over heels at the prospect your very first workshop. You will no doubt shine in the limelight, your attendees will have a wonderful time, and you’ll all have a phenomenal time yourself.

Once your event is concluded, do not forget to ask all attendees for some form of feedback good or bad. You should make inquiries as to what they enjoyed about the event, what they did not and what could be done to improve the overall experience at the event. This will enable you to better prepare for your next seminar or workshop.

And prepare for an even better Seminar or Training Workshops next year!

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How To Design WordPress Themes

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Design WordPress Themes


If you want to make your blog look more attractive, you will have to use a WordPress theme. But some people are not satisfied with the way WordPress themes work. There is good explanation to why people say like this. This is usually because either they are not using the right WordPress theme for their blog or they are not using the WordPress theme to its full potential.

In order to make sure that your WordPress theme is being used to its full potential, you have to customize it. Customizing the WordPress theme is almost easy as installing the WordPress theme itself. But there are few things that you will need in order to customize your WordPress theme. But most of all, you will need a good WordPress theme that is right for your blog.

In order to find the right WordPress Themes Templates , you also have to customize your search and you have to know what you want in a WordPress theme for your blog. By doing so, you will easily find a WordPress theme that is right for your blog and easily customizable. But make sure that the theme which you are downloading on to your blog, it must be widget ready. Being a widget ready theme means that it will support the different new features and plugins that you will install in order to customize it even more. So keep this in mind because all of your theme customization depends on this thing.

A personalized web site can give your on the web enterprise a professional overall look when compared to the competition. Setting up a WordPress theme isn’t an uncomplicated job and necessitates lots of understanding on many things for instance coding, html, graphic designing, etc. Even the expert website developers find it difficult to make use of each one of these essentials in preparing a WordPress theme.

Plugins add a wide range of functions to your blog. So make sure that you only install those plugins that are useful to you and your readers because this will help you to get more readers on your blog. By doing all of the above mentioned you will customize your WordPress theme blog to its full extent and make your blog more attractive to readers.

If the theme that you have already installed on your blog is not widget ready, then you can find another one which is so. If that is not possible then you can order a customized WordPress theme. It will only cost you are little, but it will help you a lot in customizing your blog. When you have done so, now is the time to install different widgets and plugins. The basic pack of WordPress theme comes with free useful software’s and plugins. You can use those or you can also search for more plugins on the internet.

This is why WordPress theme creators are most useful. Theme builders will help you create beautiful looking themes even if you’re unaware about Wp coding, and graphic designing. In addition, it will also help you save a lot of cash that you might invest on getting the services of an internet designer to be able to produce a customized WordPress design.

This is why WordPress theme creators are most useful. Theme builders will help you create beautiful looking themes even if you’re unaware about Wp coding, and graphic designing. In addition, it will also help you save a lot of cash that you might invest on getting the services of an internet designer to be able to produce a customized WordPress design.

The best aspect with regards to Artisteer, a WordPress theme creator, is always that you will able to produce search engine optimized designs. On the internet, you can uncover basic theme makers for totally free while you may also discover theme generators which are accessible at a price. Basic ones comes with much less capabilities in contrast to the paid ones consist of enhanced options which will assist you create remarkable looking CSS-based and XHTML based WordPress internet site. Artisteer can produce websites in numerous alternative formats such as XHTML/CSS, Joomla, Drupal, and several other web platforms simply to name some.

So you might be not just getting a WordPress theme creator you might be getting an internet site building software.

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WordPress Security: As Stimulating As Doing Spring-Cleaning

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WordPress Security

When it comes to WordPress security, it is really important that you will always update to the latest WordPress version. In this way, you can easily install the needed updates. In addition, it will also be a great help if you backup your files on a regular basis

Many WordPress security experts look for reports of hacking and attempt to replicate the attack. Once they have discovered the attack, they develop a new version of WordPress. If you do not update your site, more than likely, it is open to an attack.


If you Google WordPress security plugins you will find many lists of recommended plugins. Many will scan your site for loopholes and suggest ways to improve security. Implementing these changes can be another challenge but at least you will have started protecting all your hard work.  Make sure that you choose the ones that are compatible with your version of WordPress and are constantly updated when WordPress puts out an updated version.

Backing up your WordPress site is the first line of resistance and the most important thing you can do to avert a catastrophe. There are many backup plugins out there with varying features and efficiency.

Today, there is practically a plethora of WordPress security plug-ins available to keep your sites secured and free from hackers. Each offers unique features and techniques to keep your websites hidden from the prying eyes of criminals who are always on the lookout for good-looking yet very susceptible websites that generate good traffic and income.

For those who are a bit more technically minded this great post by Sam McRoberts from will be very helpful:

The Definitive Guide to WordPress Security – Moz
Working on a WordPress site comes with its own set of security vulnerabilities, and the more you know, the safer your site will be. With custom code to block intrusion attempts and boatloads of additional resources, this is your …

WordPress Security When it comes to WordPress security , it is really important that you always update. Lastly, make sure that you regular search for more new updates for WordPress security.

Below is a list of security measures you can follow to help your WordPress site to become less vulnerable to attack.

1) Always keep your WP version current as well as and of you your themes and plugins which you have downloaded and are activated.

There is a purpose that those notifications appear in your dashboard. Like your computer, those updates usually have fixes to bugs that make the old version susceptible to attacks.

Ignore these updates at your own peril.

2) Choose wisely when selecting a plugin or theme.

Not all plugins and themes are built on an equal footing. One of the most constantly abused WordPress weaknesses is a poorly designed plugin or theme. The best bet is to stick to the ones WordPress offers you via their Plugin/Theme Directory.

Obvious exclusions are those plugins that you pay a fee for and are offered by trusted companies. Don’t go installing plugins on a whim. Check them first to see how often they are updated and are suitable for use with your version of WordPress.

The same applies to themes . Invest in a quality premium themes that offers great backend support. If your finances do not stretch to a paid theme then I would recommend using one of the many free themes that are provided by

3) Before installing any updates, its good practice to back up your website just on the off-chance that something may go wrong with the update.

4) Change your cPanel password.

It is always a good idea to change the password your hosting provider emailed to you. Remember, all the best intentions can’t help you if your cPanel is hacked.
5) Change your default username and password regularly.

Change your administrator username from the default “Admin” to something ambiguous and do not use your name. Over 90% of attacks use the in default username ‘Admin’ to try and hack into your site.

Hackers are fully aware that countless users never change their default username setting. By leaving your username as the default setting, you are essentially giving the hackers free entry to half of your login details.

Lastly, change your password on a regular basis to ensure that your WordPress site, plugins and themes are safe from hackers.


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