Local Online Marketing Strategies to Build Brand Awareness

Creating a Business Brand Image
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What Is a Brand Awareness ?


    It is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product. Expressed usually as a percentage of target market, brand awareness is the primary goal of advertising in the early months or years of a product’s introduction.

It is also the extent to which the consumer associates the brand with the product he desires to buy. It is the brand recall and the brand recognition of the company to the consumers.  Brand awareness is an essential part of brand development which helps the brand to stand out from the others in this monopolistically competitive market.  From Wikipedia

Brand awareness involves the extent at which consumers are familiar with a brand and associating it with a particular product. Proper utilization of local online marketing resources can ensure your brand does not fade away and become obsolete in the Internet. Not all business owners use this. However, combining a few marketing resources can create a winning branding strategy.


You need a winning local online marketing strategy that can scream your brand to your targeted audience and ensures it remains recognizable every where and any time. Brand recognition and recall ensures your business is always present in your consumers mind.

Brand awareness can be aided or unaided. Aided brand recognition is when a customer recognizes a company from a list of company names whereas unaided is when a consumer recollects and associates the company with the product.

a. Know your competitors

A powerful local online marketing strategy should include knowing your competitors. This ensures you are able to differentiate your product from that of the competitors. It is easy for consumers to associate similar products to one brand. Therefore, to assure your brand stands out, leverage on what your products can offer customers that competitors cannot.

b. Define a brand vision

Defining a brand vision is an important local online marketing strategy because you can construct a profitable and growing brand franchise. Dimensions of brand vision include authenticity, position, value, difference and strategy. A good vision will give you clear direction on what your company wants to achieve.

c. Utilize organic search visibility

Optimize on local online marketing techniques to improve your rank in search engines. You can achieve this by implementing SEO techniques such as keyword research, attracting incoming links, focusing on end user and using titles that reflect the content.

Brand Awarenessd. Use social media

Utilizing social media is a local online marketing strategy that can help in building brand familiarity . You can achieve this by instilling authority and trust to attract the attention of potential clients and consumers. Social media can help build a lasting reputation which is valuable in brand understanding.

e. Track your progress

Always track your progress when using the local online marketing strategies. This can help in identify strategies that are not working and improving on the effectiveness of those that are working. Furthermore, determining the progress in brand can help in knowing where your brand is being noticed and trending on the Internet.

Brand management using the local online marketing techniques ensures consistency in promoting the business and outperforming competition. You can maintain your brand presence by sending regular mails to your mailing list. Maximize on any other communication channels you normally use. Also, remain committed but flexible to your brand strategy. Understand and keep up with the changing trends of competitors as well as consumers.

Being consistent with the effective local online marketing actions can help in maintaining your brand. You should also ensure your brand promise is clear to guarantee brand control.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on  Brand Awareness Strategy by By Md. Razu Ahmmed

Creating a Business Brand Image
How Ray Kurzweil Plans To Revolutionize Search At Google

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